Overheard in Oxnard

So I told you all that the drunken neighbor got evicted. Well on the day of the eviction, dude just bailed and sort of left the majority of his stuff in the apartment. Then? He just left the door open and unlocked and the sheriffs came and locked it up - all of his stuff still inside. They posted a notice on his door for a few days saying he had a certain amount of time to claim it and then it was going to become property of the landlord. After a day or so, the handymen took his stuff from in the apartment and put it in the garage.
Last weekend, Drunk was seen walking by our window wearing dark sunglasses and a hat all incognito. I swear, it was like seeing a ghost. I thought that dude was gone forever. Yesterday, he appeared again and told the folks replacing his dog-hair matted and urine-soaked carpet:

"I used to live here, do you know what they did with my stuff?"

Are you serious??? What a freak! When I saw the landlord later that day, I asked if he'd heard that Drunk came by looking for his things. Landlord said Drunk actually had the nerve to ask to have a garage sale on the same property he'd been evicted from! After destroying the apartment! Man, the nerve of some delusional drunks, I swear to you. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


hotdrwife said...

Wow. Do you know Debbie, the author of Her Rabid Glow? You two have drunk neighbor stories that could beat the friggin' band.

Coodence said...

Ha! A garage sale. That's funny, dude.