Netflix Movie Review Monday

Since we didn't make it out the door to the movies this weekend (come on now, 2 weeks in a row with a newborn? Ha!) I will review two Netflix movies. First on the list is 9. When I saw the previews for this one last year I thought it looked really neat. I love animation and there are a ton of well-known actors that provided the voices so I thought it would be a fun rental. I was wrong. This one was straight sci-fi and basically revolves around Armageddon. This doctor created a machine that ended up turning on humans and causing the end of the world. The same doctor, trying to make up for his epic fail, created these little guys who in turn will rebuild humanity. There's a super religious theme at the end but mostly this whole film revolved around these weird little potato sack creatures running. Not exactly my idea of an uplifting good time.

Second on the list is Grizzly Man. You may have heard about this one. It's about a guy named Timothy Treadwell who was basically obsessed with bears and lived among them in the Alaska wild for something like 13 summers. He was one delusional son of a bitch who was convinced that he was protecting these huge grizzlies from poachers even though they lived on a preserve and really were in no danger from what I could see. This guy reminded me of a potential she-male with a penchant for filming himself and after about the first 15 minutes started really getting on my nerves. He certainly didn't come across as sane at any point in this documentary though I do believe he had good intentions. He'd study the bears and do educational visits for schoolchildren, free of charge. The other folks that were interviewed also sort of seemed one card short of a full deck and I wondered where they found these people! In summary, (Spoiler Alert!) Treadwell and his girlfriend ended up being eaten by a grizzly bear while camping out in its territory, something that was basically forbidden by federal law. Isn't it ironic? And maybe just a little bit predictable?

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Sassy said...

We watched Grizzly Man at some point too. It was interesting but really? This guy was a bit "off". I'm not going to lie...when it's revealed that he got eaten...I've never laughed so hard. So effing ironic. Eaten by a bear. Classic.
Insensitive? Perhaps. Funny? Absolutely.