Casey Tuesday

I don't feel like doing numbers today so I'll just ramble. Casey is 4 weeks old today. I can't believe I haven't worked in 5 weeks. I wonder what it will be like to go back on as little and as unpredictable sleep as I've had so far. He doesn't do much, my little man; my life revolves around diaper changes, having him stuck to my boob and figuring out ways to either get him to sleep or to keep him from grunting and whining and squirming in discomfort when he is awake. Lately, he sleeps all day, only really waking to eat, so I assume there is some serious growth happening. His onesies are getting tighter and he's filling out his car seat much more than the day we brought him home. It truly is amazing to watch him grow and change right before my eyes so I journal a little something for him daily in lieu of keeping a generic baby book. At the hint of a cry, my dog goes outside and hides and there are times when I feel like joining her. As fulfilling and adorable as mothering a newborn is, I really wish I had known what a 24/7 challenge really felt like. Maybe I could have prepped a little better for him and for me.


Nancy gurl said...

1. There is no such thing as prepping. You are doing a GREAT job and learning to know one another. Any prepping would have went out the window anyway, on little or no sleep. Just keep following his lead--it does get better.
2. You look GORGEOUS
4. Boys rule

Sassy said...

I'm sure you are a wonderful momma! There is NO prep that comes even close to what happens when a wee'un comes.
I second the "boys rule"

Coodence said...

He really is super cute. I agree with the no prep would've helped. None of it makes any sense until you actually have the baby.