Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 3 weeks old today.
  • I've only got 8 weeks of leave left.
  • I make $170 more per check on maternity than at my job. Hooray for weekend pay!
  • He got 6 outfits yesterday, 1 more blankie and another Pooh Bear that makes 2 of the same.
  • On Sunday the 12th he slept in the crib in his room alone instead of the playpen bassinet in our room for the 1st time. He went down at 10, woke up at 12 for 2 hours, and again at 5.
  • I can do without the "up for 2 hours in the middle of the night" thing.
  • Andrea drove over 400 miles for almost 8 hours to shoot Casey's newborn pictures at our house. I can't wait to see the finished product!


Coodence said...

He sure is a super cutie!

Sassy said...

That is 3 weeks of cuteness build up.

You make more on mat leave?!?! That's where we suck! I only made 55% of my actual pay and it's maxed out at a certain amount (of which I exceded so it's not really 55% of MY income) so I wouldn't make more then $730 ish per 2 weeks. That's not much to live on.
Can't wait to see some more Casey pics!!
...oh and he should watch the mail :)