Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 2 weeks old today
  • Since he was born he has been to 5 restaurants
  • We need to limit outings to 1 a day because I get tired (lesson learned)
  • Last night he only woke up 2 times: at 1 and at 5
  • It's usually only for about 45 minutes at a time
  • This is much better than the night before when he was up from 1-4 am
  • I weigh 215 - my conception weight
  • That means I've lost 23 pounds in 2 weeks
  • With my Spanx, I can fit in size 14 jeans
  • I bought some size 16s yesterday but they're not much looser than the 14s.
  • The visitors we had for 5 straight days left yesterday
  • 11 hour visits are long but good for out-of-state in-laws (again, lesson learned)


Coodence said...

Casey is a man of the world! What a good buddy.

Sassy said...

Love it.
Good job on all aspects :)