Bye, Bye, Bye

You have to love a post that has an N'Sync song title to start off with right? Ha! So I have mentioned my neighbor from hell here before but I think I will tell you again. He is a drunk. Plays his music/surround sound so loud that the bass thumps our walls and you can hear everything crystal clear all the way out to the back alley. He consistently has other drunks passed out in his yard that overwhelmingly reeks of dog poop. When we are in the yard, he peeks over our fence to talk to us. He has absolutely no idea who we are and has asked about 13 times whether our dog is a boy or a girl. The list goes on and on. He's not malicious, just totally inappropriate.
Well, last week the sheriff came and posted an eviction notice on his door saying that he had to be out by today. As of Monday, we had yet to see a thing move out of his apartment. Husband peeked in his window and saw dog poop on the carpet. Ew. Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch near our front window and heard his friends telling him they were there to help him move. He said he had until Wednesday and they had to tell him Wednesday was less than 24 hours away and the sheriff would be there in the morning, pounding on his door, ready to escort him out. Needless to say, they were moving his stuff all day long.
So today is the day. No more terrible neighbor. I really hope he finds the help he needs to overcome his demons. I do feel a smidgen of guilt for complaining to the landlords as often as I did but they insist they are grateful I did. Here's to hoping we get someone in that is nice and considerate.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Be conscious of your neighbors, sometimes they have the power to make you regret it if you aren't.