We Have HBO Now

Since Casey's arrival, we spend more time at home so we spend more time in the house in front of the boob tube than I am really comfortable admitting. I decided to pay $8 a month extra for HBO since they play way better movies than we are getting for free on Showtime and The Movie Channel. Plus we really like Eastbound & Down because it is absolutely hilarious. This is too much information, I'm sure, but I'm basically setting things up so you understand how I got sucked into a movie I never would have watched otherwise: Changeling starring Angelina Jolie and the undeniable John Malkovich. This is also a Clint Eastwood film and I really consider him a fine filmmaker. Did you know Changeling is based on true events that occurred in Los Angeles in the late 1920s? I didn't but I can assure you that said events blew my mind and totally upset me. Jolie's son is abducted and the LAPD tries to play off another kid as hers months later. She obviously knows the boy isn't her son and when she tries to say as much, she ends up thrown in a lunatic asylum. Say what?! I was absolutely outraged and got way too emotionally invested in this tragic tale of police corruption. I don't know that I recommend the movie, per se, but I will say that it will stun you that something like this actually happened in real life. And at the risk of sounding catty, Angelina Jolie is not easy on the eyes. She needs to gain about 50 pounds and get her lips out of my face. Love, Randi.


Another Baby Book. Shocking.

When my hairdresser found out I was pregnant she loaned me a birthing book (that I never did read) and Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Motherhood by Jenny McCarthy. I figured since my child is now a month old, I should probably read it and return those books so she could loan them to her next preggo friend. I read McCarthy's other book, Belly Laughs, and had some nice things to say about it. This time around, I didn't laugh as much because frankly I didn't think she was as amusing or funny. Basically it was a reiteration of what I just read in the book I reviewed last week and it's entirely possible that I am on baby overload right now.
Luckily, this was an easy read and I could peruse it sporadically on the toilet or while I was breastfeeding in the middle of the night. The chapters are only a few pages along so it's not like it was required deep concentration or attention. I think most new moms will basically tell you the same things: you lose interest in sex, your body will never be the same, you will be tired and babies are 24/7. I know I told you last week to read the books your girlfriends give you but maybe not this one. Though I will say this for my hairdresser, she is a genuinely wonderful person who knows more about me than most other women in my life and I don't know what I'd do with out her.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I need to dive into some juicy fiction. STAT!


Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 5 weeks old today.
  • On his 1 month checkup, he weighed in at 10 lbs, 8 oz (69%), measured 22" long (68%) and his head is 15" (47%) around.
  • We took 1 month portraits at JC Penney's and it took 2 hours.
  • During that time he had 2 costume changes, 3 quasi-feedings, and 2 diaper changes.
  • I cried 1 time because I, and Casey, were overstimulated after dropping Kiyah off at the groomer (who was 15 minutes late), a pediatrician visit and the photo shoot from hell.
  • 3 things before 3 pm is too much with a newborn.
  • His dad has 2 whole weeks off of work to play with him!


Netflix Movie Review Monday

Since we didn't make it out the door to the movies this weekend (come on now, 2 weeks in a row with a newborn? Ha!) I will review two Netflix movies. First on the list is 9. When I saw the previews for this one last year I thought it looked really neat. I love animation and there are a ton of well-known actors that provided the voices so I thought it would be a fun rental. I was wrong. This one was straight sci-fi and basically revolves around Armageddon. This doctor created a machine that ended up turning on humans and causing the end of the world. The same doctor, trying to make up for his epic fail, created these little guys who in turn will rebuild humanity. There's a super religious theme at the end but mostly this whole film revolved around these weird little potato sack creatures running. Not exactly my idea of an uplifting good time.

Second on the list is Grizzly Man. You may have heard about this one. It's about a guy named Timothy Treadwell who was basically obsessed with bears and lived among them in the Alaska wild for something like 13 summers. He was one delusional son of a bitch who was convinced that he was protecting these huge grizzlies from poachers even though they lived on a preserve and really were in no danger from what I could see. This guy reminded me of a potential she-male with a penchant for filming himself and after about the first 15 minutes started really getting on my nerves. He certainly didn't come across as sane at any point in this documentary though I do believe he had good intentions. He'd study the bears and do educational visits for schoolchildren, free of charge. The other folks that were interviewed also sort of seemed one card short of a full deck and I wondered where they found these people! In summary, (Spoiler Alert!) Treadwell and his girlfriend ended up being eaten by a grizzly bear while camping out in its territory, something that was basically forbidden by federal law. Isn't it ironic? And maybe just a little bit predictable?


One Month Old Haiku Friday

Casey's one month old
Born on August 24th
He made me a mom
His dad thought 4 weeks
Was the same as a month old
But I disagree
Seems like yesterday
I held him for the first time
And he pooped on me


Overheard in Oxnard

So I told you all that the drunken neighbor got evicted. Well on the day of the eviction, dude just bailed and sort of left the majority of his stuff in the apartment. Then? He just left the door open and unlocked and the sheriffs came and locked it up - all of his stuff still inside. They posted a notice on his door for a few days saying he had a certain amount of time to claim it and then it was going to become property of the landlord. After a day or so, the handymen took his stuff from in the apartment and put it in the garage.
Last weekend, Drunk was seen walking by our window wearing dark sunglasses and a hat all incognito. I swear, it was like seeing a ghost. I thought that dude was gone forever. Yesterday, he appeared again and told the folks replacing his dog-hair matted and urine-soaked carpet:

"I used to live here, do you know what they did with my stuff?"

Are you serious??? What a freak! When I saw the landlord later that day, I asked if he'd heard that Drunk came by looking for his things. Landlord said Drunk actually had the nerve to ask to have a garage sale on the same property he'd been evicted from! After destroying the apartment! Man, the nerve of some delusional drunks, I swear to you. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Required Reading

The lady I used to be a live-in sitter for bought me The Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood shortly after wee Casey came into my life. I really made a concerted effort to make the time to read it because, frankly, I had no idea how to be a mother and figured that she - a mother of 3 wonderful boys - probably wouldn't have bought me the book if she didn't think it would be helpful. So during late-night breastfeeding sessions and the few moments of downtime I could squeeze out of the day, I devoured this book. More than anything? It was insanely reassuring. Vicki Iovine isn't pulling any punches. There is nothing "earth mother" about this book at all. It's just frank and real and let me know that everything I was feeling was totally normal and that I wasn't alone. She's funny and covers everything from getting your pre-baby body back to sex after birth. She also talks about breastfeeding, pediatricians, babysitters and sleep patterns. While it's definitely not a guide to childcare, it is an eye-opener I wish I'd had prior to bringing my child home with me and I am pretty sure I will be gifting it to all preggo friends in my future just so they have an inkling of an idea of what they should expect once motherhood happens.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: If a trusted friend buys you a book like this, read it. It's likely more helpful than most of the condescending baby propaganda you'll encounter out there.


Casey Tuesday

I don't feel like doing numbers today so I'll just ramble. Casey is 4 weeks old today. I can't believe I haven't worked in 5 weeks. I wonder what it will be like to go back on as little and as unpredictable sleep as I've had so far. He doesn't do much, my little man; my life revolves around diaper changes, having him stuck to my boob and figuring out ways to either get him to sleep or to keep him from grunting and whining and squirming in discomfort when he is awake. Lately, he sleeps all day, only really waking to eat, so I assume there is some serious growth happening. His onesies are getting tighter and he's filling out his car seat much more than the day we brought him home. It truly is amazing to watch him grow and change right before my eyes so I journal a little something for him daily in lieu of keeping a generic baby book. At the hint of a cry, my dog goes outside and hides and there are times when I feel like joining her. As fulfilling and adorable as mothering a newborn is, I really wish I had known what a 24/7 challenge really felt like. Maybe I could have prepped a little better for him and for me.


Movie Review Monday

For our first movie in the theater in over a month, Husband and I got the Grandparents to watch Casey and we went to see The Town. I don't know much about Ben Affleck movies but if he keeps making them like this one? I will go and see them. Initially I just wanted to go because my boyfriend Don Draper... er... Jon Hamm plays an FBI agent in it. Jeremy Renner wasn't just a one-trick pony with The Hurt Locker; he plays an excellent bad guy in this one. Blake Lively couldn't be further from what she must play in Gossip Girl (I don't know though, never seen it) and Ben himself does a great job as an actor in addition to director and writer.
Frankly, every actor in this movie is fantastic. The cops and robbers plot is sprinkled with a love story and there isn't a moment when I wasn't totally invested in what was going on on-screen. There's a lot of suspense and gun play... I jumped out of my seat on a number of occasions and may or may not have forgotten to breathe a few times.
It was awesome to lose myself in the movie but in the back of my mind I kept thinking "The last time I saw a movie here I was pregnant" and that eventually turned into "Hmmm... this movie is 2 hours long and I need to get home to my baby!" I guess maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought I was to go to the movies but at least The Town was worth it.


Baby Baby Baby Haiku Friday

A multi-tasker
No matter what I'm doing
There's Casey in tow
Balancing showers
With nap times and breast feeding
Plus chores and errands
This morning? We walked.
Kiyah came along with us
I'm superwoman



Oh my GOD! I did it! I woke up at 6 am with Casey and fed him and changed 3 diapers in an hour and after 2 hours I got him to sleep. Know what follows? Here goes:
  • Took a shower during which I shaved my legs!
  • Dried off and and lubed up with lotion.
  • Got dressed.
  • Put on my make-up.
  • Blow-dried my hair.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Started a load of laundry.
He's still asleep! I accomplished so many things and it's only 9 am! HOLLER!


Bye, Bye, Bye

You have to love a post that has an N'Sync song title to start off with right? Ha! So I have mentioned my neighbor from hell here before but I think I will tell you again. He is a drunk. Plays his music/surround sound so loud that the bass thumps our walls and you can hear everything crystal clear all the way out to the back alley. He consistently has other drunks passed out in his yard that overwhelmingly reeks of dog poop. When we are in the yard, he peeks over our fence to talk to us. He has absolutely no idea who we are and has asked about 13 times whether our dog is a boy or a girl. The list goes on and on. He's not malicious, just totally inappropriate.
Well, last week the sheriff came and posted an eviction notice on his door saying that he had to be out by today. As of Monday, we had yet to see a thing move out of his apartment. Husband peeked in his window and saw dog poop on the carpet. Ew. Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch near our front window and heard his friends telling him they were there to help him move. He said he had until Wednesday and they had to tell him Wednesday was less than 24 hours away and the sheriff would be there in the morning, pounding on his door, ready to escort him out. Needless to say, they were moving his stuff all day long.
So today is the day. No more terrible neighbor. I really hope he finds the help he needs to overcome his demons. I do feel a smidgen of guilt for complaining to the landlords as often as I did but they insist they are grateful I did. Here's to hoping we get someone in that is nice and considerate.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Be conscious of your neighbors, sometimes they have the power to make you regret it if you aren't.


Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 3 weeks old today.
  • I've only got 8 weeks of leave left.
  • I make $170 more per check on maternity than at my job. Hooray for weekend pay!
  • He got 6 outfits yesterday, 1 more blankie and another Pooh Bear that makes 2 of the same.
  • On Sunday the 12th he slept in the crib in his room alone instead of the playpen bassinet in our room for the 1st time. He went down at 10, woke up at 12 for 2 hours, and again at 5.
  • I can do without the "up for 2 hours in the middle of the night" thing.
  • Andrea drove over 400 miles for almost 8 hours to shoot Casey's newborn pictures at our house. I can't wait to see the finished product!


Rom-Com Movie Review Monday

I got to go out on a shopping trip all by my lonesome... well, with baby and Grandma in tow... to Target and Date Night was all of $16.99 so I bought it. How can you go wrong with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, two of my Must See TV Thursday night favorites? Andrea came out to visit us on Friday to shoot the baby (a.k.a. take pictures of) and so we watched this when she arrived. We, Husband included, all had some laughs together. I really like the cheesiness of this movie and the way that both Fey and Carell deliver their lines. Sure, you have to suspend belief A LOT but it is a fun ride nonetheless. As a married parent who is getting used to some of the monotony of it all - as pleasant as it can be - I could relate to a lot of it. Mostly though, I just got to enjoy some mindless fun and laughter.

And since one good romantic comedy deserves we cracked open the Netflix delivery of The Proposal. I'd heard good things about it and threw it on our queue to give us a reprieve from all the hoity toity, independent Oscar garbage we'd been watching. I have to admit, this genre of movie isn't necessarily one of my favorites but I loved this movie. Everyone in it was great (especially Betty White) and I laughed and cried and really rooted for these two crazy kids in love. I also wanted to go back to Alaska after watching it. And want a little white Samoyed puppy, too.


Almost 9/11 Haiku Friday

Baby all the time
I've become one of those moms
All I talk about
Burning the Quran
I'm glad that stunt is over
Damn religious freaks
See? Current events!
I'm still hip to them, I think
Don't want to lose touch


An Education

We got An Education (another Oscar nominee) in the mail about 2 weeks ago but the newborn kept us from viewing it. In hindsight, maybe he was doing us a favor. Husband called this a "tedious" movie and I have to say that's a pretty accurate description. It's about a 16-year old student in England in the 60s who is a budding musician trying to get into Oxford. When an older, very charming man comes into her life and sweeps her off her feet, she gets distracted from her goals and is tempted to marry. We later find out that this suave gentleman isn't all he's cracked up to be. And that's about it. There's no real climax to this movie but it is very well acted by a stellar cast of actors and also a beautiful film to watch. You have probably seen Oscar nominated actress Carey Mulligan (a.k.a. Shia Labeouf's girlfriend in real life) a lot lately in the new Wall Street movie trailers. She's the main character and I think she has a strong future in film. Plus she's incredibly easy on the eyes and British. What's not to love?

MORAL OF THAT STORY (and the movie): Only naive girls will give up their promising futures to marry and usually when a man seems to good to be true, he isn't.


Casey Tuesday

  • Casey is 2 weeks old today
  • Since he was born he has been to 5 restaurants
  • We need to limit outings to 1 a day because I get tired (lesson learned)
  • Last night he only woke up 2 times: at 1 and at 5
  • It's usually only for about 45 minutes at a time
  • This is much better than the night before when he was up from 1-4 am
  • I weigh 215 - my conception weight
  • That means I've lost 23 pounds in 2 weeks
  • With my Spanx, I can fit in size 14 jeans
  • I bought some size 16s yesterday but they're not much looser than the 14s.
  • The visitors we had for 5 straight days left yesterday
  • 11 hour visits are long but good for out-of-state in-laws (again, lesson learned)


Happy Birthday, Poo!

Grandpa Dough turns 63 today! I'm so happy to make him a grandfather a second time just before his special day. Also? Happy Labor Day, folks. Enjoy your 3-day weekend!


Haiku Friday on Sunday

In-Laws just left us
Uncle Bubbo was here, too
Life has been busy
I can't wait to see
What life will be like without
Grandma's "extra" hand
Grateful for the breaks
But ready for the challenge
Just Husband and me