A Wonder Drug

I am sure you have all heard this but heartburn is a very real side effect of pregnancy. Because you are so full of baby, your guts get pushed up to your chin and everything you eat or drink makes your heart burn. Milk gave me heartburn. Pizza was deadly. Last Thursday I went for a checkup and mentioned this ailment to the nurse practitioner and told her I was up to 12 Tums a day. Tums? Are sort of gross. They taste like chalk and kind of make it hard to poop and while they are apparently a good source of calcium, they were losing their efficacy in the fight against heartburn. She said to me "Why don't you try Prilosec?" And so I pretty much went straight to Vons and picked some up. 14 tablets for $14 seemed pretty steep but I was willing to take a chance. I'll admit to you now, I was a skeptic. The box even said that relief might not happen right away. I was shocked that I took one pill on Friday morning and have not had heartburn since. Not once. I have not had one Tums. Not one! I have been through two family-sized, Costco buckets of Tums. I am sold. Prilosec has changed my life for the better.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Prilosec works. I only wish I had known about it much sooner than three weeks before my due date.

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Lisa..... said...

My husband lives on that stuff.