A Week To Go

At work we have a pool going as to when I am going to give birth. Lots of folks were convinced I was going to go early. They've since lost their $5 buy-in and their chance to win about $100. Since I am pretty big and the baby dropped over a week ago, I started convincing myself I'd go early, too. It doesn't seem to be the case. I also thought once I got out of the office and started my maternity leave, I'd be so relaxed he'd come right out. Nope. Not that either. I'm still waiting. And technically I shouldn't be this anxious because I'm not even due for another week. I've learned something in the last two days, though. I need a schedule. I need a routine. I do not do well with too much free time. I only compound this by avoiding turning the TV on until The Young & The Restless comes on and trying not to nap. But the apartment just can't be cleaner so I'm running out of things to fill the day.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Idle hands are the devil's tools.


ceedee said...

perfect time to start a large, crafty project! LOL

Coodence said...

Start crocheting, ho. Jesus.