This week has been sort of nuts. I had another confrontation with the wasted neighbor over the weekend. After 2 days of knocking on his door to tell him to turn down the bass we got the landlord involved. Then he came over to tell me if I had a problem that I didn't need to call the landlord, I could just tell him. But I had. A lot of times. Like six minimum. And I told him as much before shutting my door in his face. Then the next day he wanted to make amends. Whatever.
Last weekend Husband had a sinus-drip, cold thing and he was kind enough to give it to me. Prior to this pregnancy, I caught everything that came down the tube. Every sniffle, sneeze, flu. Everything. But really? Aside from morning sickness, I've been pretty healthy this whole time. Until now. Now when I have 2 weeks left to go. Now I'm sick and snot is draining down my throat and my eyes are burning and I'm not sleeping. It's great.
The Ventura County Fair is here. I want to go. I've gone for years and years. But right now I'm sort of huge and have to pee every thirty seconds and I thought it would be best if I skipped this year. But then last night I could hear the fireworks from my bedroom and I got sad. And wanted tiny donuts. And just to be there. So we'll see.
Damn. This post was melancholy.

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Lisa..... said...

:( Hopefully you won't have to wait much more for your baby!