• Training my replacement for maternity leave has taken away my all-day online access a bit. It's amazing how busy I really am at work. I've just gotten very good at multitasking.
  • My last day of work is a week from tomorrow. I'm easing into it by working part-time right now. Leaving at noon is not hard at all.
  • The nursery is coming together really nicely and I think I'm confident saying we're pretty much ready for this baby aside from not having bottles and/or a breast pump.
  • I have forgotten how to be good at phone calls. Since I'm always on the phone at work, I tend to not use it to call my friends as much as I should. You know who you are and I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me.
  • At the ultrasound yesterday, we got to see in-utero Casey opening and closing his eyes and mouth, moving his hands around and got another reassuring shot of his penis and huge testicles. It's a boy all right. And she's guessing he weighs about 6.9 lbs right now.
  • Babies 'R' Us is really the seventh circle of hell. That's all.

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