Movie Review Monday

This weekend's Netflix pic was Invictus. Let's see. Matt Damon. Morgan Freeman. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Based on a true story. It's pretty hard to go wrong here. I found this movie to be quite interesting as I had no prior knowledge that rugby even had a world cup and I am definitely ignorant of the Nelson Mandela as a political figure. Basically, Mandela is new in charge in a time where apartheid has just been banned. He somehow ends up super interested in the South African rugby team and uses them as a symbol of his political future and the future of South Africa's movement forward as a united nation. The performances were very good and it was an interesting film but you kind of already know they're going to win so it takes some of the intrigue out of it. Morgan Freeman can do no wrong and Matt Damon is much better here than he was in that other movie we tried to watch him in when Crusty was visiting but couldn't even sit through.

The movie we chose to see in the theater was The Other Guys. I think it's the sign of a good movie when you can think about it the next day and still laugh as hard about it in memory as you did in the theater. Some of the one-liners go by so fast you can pretty much miss them completely if you aren't paying attention. While this could have been a better movie on the whole, it was still hilarious. Will Ferrell seems to have reigned in some of the more caricature-like behavior that he exhibits in his other more over the top films yet he is still very funny. Mark Wahlberg, surprisingly, made me laugh really hard. Michael Keaton (who was also Ken in Toy Story 3) is making a strong case for his 2010 movie comeback tour as well. I laughed a lot watching this movie. I want to watch it again. I want to have it at my house on DVD and add it to regular rotation.

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Coodence said...

I bet you will. Have it as a DVD and add it to the regular rotation.

I want to go to there.