When you have a big ol'belly because there's a baby in it, some things get harder. Like bending over. Bending over is quite essential to grooming, I've learned, especially when it comes time to clip my toenails. I thought I had this figured out but it turns out, not so much. Husband and I took the dog to the beach this weekend and frolicked in the sea and sand. Unfortunately, my 3+ week old pedicure did not respond well to that and, lo and behold, the polish began to chip away. Since I am pretty much stuck wearing flip flops I can't very well walk around with tarnished tooties so I tried to cut them down a bit so it wouldn't be so obvoius how badly chipped the paint had become. I ended up cutting two of my toenails down waaaaaaaaaaay too short and my God does that hurt. In the end I called my pedicurist and asked her to see me and she made my feet look beautiful again. All in less than 30 minutes.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Pay the $8 to have someone take care of your foot needs whilst preggo and avoid bloodshed. It's worth the money.

Bonus chat with my mother about grooming:
Mom: Hope you have a good day, how do your feet look? You need to make an appointment for the week before delivery, the doctor may as well have something interesting to look at.
Me: I got them a bright orange/coral color. They're pretty since I'm tan. I'll be sure to be well groomed and pedicured for the birth.
Mom: Need your hair trimmed too as you will not have much time for a little while after. Pamper yourself a little.
Me: Oh, mother. Yes I know. I have a haircut scheduled for the day before the shower. I'm sure I can get another trim prior to pushing.
Mom: I could do it in the hospital to kill some time.
Me: I'm sure. I have childhood photographs that make it illegal for you to be in possession of scissors near my hair.
Mom: go to hell, lol. Talk to you later
Me: love you!!! xoxo


Coodence said...

That's hilarious, dude. Betwixt you and your ma, I mean. Not the maiming of your toes.

Sassy said...

I know it sucks..but let's get to the important part:

$8 for a pedi?!?!?! WHAT?! Where?!