Movie Review Monday

Let's play a word game. Inception was:
Incredible. Intense. Indescribable. Insane. Interesting. Inconceivable?
In other words? I really liked it. And honestly? While I thought the previews looked really unique with sort of mind-boggling special effects, I had my reservations walking in the front door because I'm not really one for sci fi. Husband and I both agree that for the first ten minutes you really don't know what you've walked into. However, if you are patient, that patience will be rewarded. By the end of the movie, I didn't even want to blink. I didn't want to miss one effect, one clue, one piece of information. I was even satisfied by the somewhat "cliffhanger" closing scene.
Is it the best thing ever? I don't know. But it definitely lived up to the hype which has been rare in some of the movies we have seen of late (i.e. Despicable Me). I'm not sure what a second viewing would bring either. I'm still not convinced that Ellen Page was the wisest choice for an architect wunderkind but it's nice to see she was able to break away from being typecast as Juno forever. Joseph Gordon Levitt is also definitely no longer the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun either! Man. I'd say he stole the show from Leo DiCaprio but who am I really? In my humble opinion, Inception and Toy Story 3 are this summer's "It" movies.

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