Movie Review Monday

We've been bringing the Oscar noms into our home for post-award ceremony viewing. As we all know, Jeff Bridges (a.k.a. The Dude) won the best actor award for his role in Crazy Heart. I said I would like to see the movie so we Netflix'd it. It focuses on the story of a washed up country singer named Bad Blake who is on a current cross country tour of bowling alleys and bars. At his second stop, he meets a reporter (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and is instantly smitten with her and her son. While we see him drinking and drunk, his alcoholism isn't really put out there in a way where we as the viewers are overly concerned. We know it's an issue because Jean (Maggie G) doesn't want him drinking around her son but other than that, it doesn't really seems like a problem. We are also not given any real in depth view into Bad's seedy lifestyle or some preexisting conflict he has with another country singer played by Colin Farrell that seems to be water in the bridge by the time they share their first scene together. And when we see Bad hit rock bottom, it really doesn't seem so bad but then again neither does his stint in rehab or his new-found sobriety. Husband called this movie "Oscar-lite" and I agree. While Jeff Bridges' performance was impressive as it required him to sing through most of the film, I can't say the character development or subplots in Crazy Heart were well thought out. Maybe we should have just gone to see Toy Story 3.


Coodence said...

Dude. I hear it. I haven't seen this, but man do I love the Big Lebowski.

Andrea said...

Dude...I was concerned about his alcoholism. The man had a chronic cough, he thew up all the time, was surly as all cuss (hee), slept through things, and couldn't be arsed to give a damn! All while drinking and being broke! The man was clearly a drunkard.

I think his conflict with Tommy was implied. He was jealous that he's writing some of the best material of his life, but Tommy is the one in the limelight while he's washed up and playing bowling alleys.

The rehab and the cleaning up could have been more in-depth but I liked that things weren't so in the face but that it wasn't sooo buried that I had to look for Cliff's Notes to figure out wtf just happened.

It was a sad movie.

It needed a nice rug to really pull the room together.