Movie Review Monday

I gave Husband a hard time about this movie when it arrived in our mailbox courtesy of Netflix by basically questioning his heterosexuality. A love story with George Clooney? I mean, shouldn't that be my pick? I was hesitant to watch Up In The Air but he argued that it was Oscar nominated and I'm a sucker for awards so we slipped that bad boy into the DVD player.
George Clooney's character is essentially in an airplane 90% of the year flying cross-country repeatedly for his job which consists of firing people from their jobs. He's an eternal bachelor with a concept that he shouldn't be tied down by material goods and personal relationships. As a motivational speaker, he compares life to a backpack: his is practically empty and easy to carry whereas the people he lectures to are likely weighed down by the pressures of possessions and people in their lives. Naturally he isn't close to his family and has no desire to start one of his own.
Of course, a woman he meets on the road and a younger, new hire at his job both end up making him question his theory on how life should be lived. About halfway through the movie I asked Husband to check how much longer we were going to sit through this until we reached the end. It's not that it's a bad movie, it's entertaining enough. It just seems to go on and on and there doesn't seem to be anything that's going to stand out as a turning point. Then the turning point ended up pissing me off. I will say that the performances were pretty good although I just don't know if I'm down with Vera Farmiga (who I have renamed Veal Parmesan) of The Departed fame as a sex symbol. I am ALWAYS down for some Bateman though.

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Anonymous said...

I call Vera whatever "Veal Parmesan" too. I thought I was the only one.