Movie Review Monday

Despite Husband's record of picking out bad movies (see: MacGruber, most recently Extract from Netflix which doesn't even warrant a review other than "poopoo"), we went to see Get Him to the Greek this weekend. Okay, I admit I have been anxiously awaiting this one and anyone who has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall knows why: Russell Brand as Aldous Snow is hilarious. While I'm sure this movie could have been better, it most certainly could have been worse. There were many laugh out loud moments but most of all the characters were just likable overall.
Just about everyone is in this movie so I won't bother list the many cameos but Rick Schroeder just about made Husband fall out of his seat laughing. Basically the gist of this movie is a music company employee is responsible for getting a rock star from London to New York for an interview and then to Los Angeles for a concert in about three days' time. It is worth mentioning that the soundtrack, including the goofy songs they created for Aldous' fictitious band Infant Sorrow - including but not limited to The Clap and Bangers, Beans and Mash - is really quite good. It's such a delight seeing three of my favorite cities on the big screen. Also delightful? Russell Brand's perfect teeth, surrounded by lovely lips and perfectly manicured facial hair and the delectable tidbits that drip deliciously from that darling mouth. I can see why Katy Perry wants to spend eternity with him.

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