Macy's One Day Sale

As I mentioned on Tummy Tuesday this week, I had to break up with my under-wire bra as it was digging into my fetus and stabbing me in the armpits. That was sending me into what could only be described as rage and it was just better for everyone if I went out and bought a new bra. Since I have a Macy's Rewards Visa, I had earned a $10 gift certificate for that store. This past weekend, Macy's was having it's One Day Sale. Have you heard of this? I have but had no idea.
Anyway, this sale was touting a buy 2, get 2 free bra sale so I thought, what the heck. Husband and I had nothing better to do on our Saturday, I'd just go there for a new bra. A $10 savings is nothing to scoff at! However, I should have known we were in for trouble when we drove into the parking lot. And when we walked into the store. Oh.My.God. The people. The clothing everywhere. The sheer chaos in a normally quiet department store. Why I went ahead with my shopping goal I will never know.
It would turn out they're not making a whole helluva lot of bras without the under-wire when you're rocking a 42C size. This surprised me as we seem to have a pretty significant population of the morbidly obese here in Ventura County, California. But I digress. I was only able to find ONE bra that fit my needs... and my body. And so I took that ONE bra and I took it to register that had a queue at least 15 people deep. Mind you, many of those people just happened to be a family member of the main purchaser but each purchaser had a minimum of 5 items.
We stood in line behind the families with screaming children for almost an hour. A few times, I even threatened to start a riot if I saw any cutter, cutter peanut butters. And when we were next? I nearly wept. Poor cashiers. Overwhelmed and under prepared. But I plopped that $32 bra on the counter and by the time she was done ringing me up, my total was a mere $11 and change. A $21 dollar savings! And comfortable boobs! It was worth the wait after all!
Don't you love a happy ending?

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Coodence said...

you're very brave. a brave little tailor you are.