Jury Duty

The last thing anyone wants to see in their mailbox is a jury summons. If you're 7 months pregnant, it's the very last thing. I called today to see about getting out of it and learned something interesting after a brief phone call that went something like this:

Me: Hi, I'll be 8 months pregnant at the time I'm supposed to serve, how do I postpone?
Lady: Well, when are you due?
Me: August 22nd.
Lady: I can give you a postponement until August 30th.
Me: (something along the lines of WTF I don't want to leave my newborn yada yada yada)
Lady: Let me finish.
Me: Sorry, it's my first and I'm a psycho.
Lady: Oh no, that's ok. I remember my first. You can then submit request to be excused completely since you'll be a breast-feeding mother.
Me: YAY!

So basically, they don't care if you're a huge pregnant lady, they just care if you're lactating. How's about that?


Andrea said...

What if you bottle feed? :)

Lurker Girl said...

I got called for jury duty 3 weeks after my daughter was born.

I called in to say--um yeah, not going to happen, I have new born after just having a c-section, I cannot drive yet etc etc. They told me I better show up or I would have a bench warrant.

I got my Mom to watch my daughter, grabbed my breast pump, had my mom drive me to the court house, walked in the door of the jury waiting room and the first question I asked was "where can I pump?"

The judge was immediately called--I explained that I was 3 weeks post partum and needed access to either feeding my child or pumping every 2 hours--I was promptly released from Jury Duty!

Don't get me wrong--I do not mind doing Jury Duty--and I have been seated 3 times--I have done my part--but damn, there HAS to be an exception every once in a while.