Have you heard of this? I posted about it on Facebook yesterday so if you are my friend I guess this blog will be redundant. Basically, that article says a federal committee is upholding a ban on using blood donated by gay males that have had sex with another male since 1977. I can't really think of anything more preposterous than this. First of all, HIV is not a homosexual's disease. Secondly, heterosexuals are as likely to have tainted blood (which immediately makes me start singing Tainted Love in my head) as anyone else. Hello! Unprotected sex is not discriminatory and Nurse Lisa agrees so I have to be right. Right? Also? There are ways to test blood to determine if it is tainted or not. I mean... come on!
Our neighborhood scientist, Dr. Crusty, weighed in quite nicely with this information: Apparently, there is a very short period of time after exposure, say 2 weeks, when the tests for HIV are not conclusive. Therefore, they should not accept donated blood from anyone with a new partner within the last two weeks - no matter what their sexual orientation.
Frankly, I can't see a reason to uphold this ban aside from blatant homophobia. Between this and the ongoing war about same-sex marriages, I simply couldn't be more disgusted with what appears to be the majority of Americans. What is it going to take for them to realize that gay or straight we are all HUMAN BEINGS??? Makes me sick.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Let the homophobes suffer by giving them the option to have NO BLOOD AT ALL but give me the option to choose if I'm willing to take the risk of a gay man's blood when my life is on the line.


Coodence said...

When your life is on line.

I love it when you get dramatic, ho.

Lisa..... said...

Especially since the fastest growing population of HIV infected people...are not gay men(that group is usually reported in studies as being young females).

Lisa..... said...

And? I am totally usefull to have around.