Double Feature Movie Review Monday

Husband heard good things about The Fantastic Mr. Fox and decided to bring it home as another venture into Oscar nominated films. I really wish he hadn't. I think about 15-minutes in, I uttered my first of many "I don't get it" comments. Is this some kind of hipster cartoon for Wes Anderson fans? Is this for kids? I can honestly say that if we had seen this in the theater I would have walked out. It took effort to sit through and I truly don't see how children would have been entertained. The only time I was mildly delighted was when the possum's eyes went spiral and/or when someone said "What the cuss were you thinking?" I think when I give birth I'll try to replace my bad words with the word cuss. I hate being such a hater but cuss this movie was godawful. The stop motion animation was no less than stellar but the dialogue? The story? No. And I love Roald Dahl. But what the heck of seeing a George Clooney movie when you can't see George Clooney? Ugh... what more can I say?

For redemption, we made a concerted effort to go see Toy Story 3 a week late. Thank God we did. This is hands down the best movie I have seen all year. It is as good, if not better, than its two predecessors and I could not have loved it more had I tried. Most of the gang is back but some of the older toys got discarded along the way. Andy is off to college and it's time to pack up his room and decide whether he's sending his toys to the attic or donating them to the local day care center. I'm not going to give away much more because I really insist that you go and see this movie. I didn't see it in 3-D and I don't think you need to because basically I was watching it with my heart the entire time. It is a swashbuckling adventure of a film but bring your hankies. I wept, nay sobbed, at the end. I'm saying this is a snot-nosed, soaked-face, body-convulsing tearjerker of an ending and a perfect way to wrap up a perfect trilogy. This, my friends, is how movies should be made. And if the opening Pixar short doesn't move you, well then I just don't know what will.


Andrea said...

My friend Wendy took her two younguns to see this. They all loved it! I've not seen it yet. The Fox movie.

Toy Story 3 should have been viewed by me this weekend. Damn!

ceedee said...

I loved the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Loved it. I think it's because it reminded me of old movies where the lead is always trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. That, and it reminded me of the CA raisins, which I loved!
Can't wait to see TS3 - I love, love, love the first 2 :)

Sassy said...

I have this love affair with Toy Story. I really hope that Mason gets into it. I so badly want to buy all the little toys and sheets and fun stuff like that! I'm going to see it and I can't wait!!

hotdrwife said...

My son watched the Fox movie a few times, but I couldn't get into it at all.

However, I was all kinds of teary at Toy Story 3.