Book Review

What is this? A Saturday post? Heck yes it is. I may as well put it out there if I've got it right? As readers of this here blog should know, I love the Bones program. Devil Bones (as well as all of Kathy Reichs' books) is based on the case files of the same character - Temperance Brennan - that is the lead in my program only set later in her career. After being a little let down after reading those other highfalutin books I decided I wanted something a little more trashy and I'm pretty glad I picked this book to read. It centers on a case of a Santeria altar found in a cellar and branches out into another case about a potentially connected homicide that may or not be Satanism based and ends up with a police homicide. And there's good guys and bad guys and following clues and all kinds of twists and turns! Sometimes, Ms. Reichs tends to be a little much like when she was talking about one dude's ethnicity/skin tone and said something about Africa meeting Spain or some shit and it makes me laugh and say to myself "Oh, Kathy" but most of the time I just really enjoy her writing. Here is a real life forensic anthropologist who really gets to work with bones and death and clues and she's writing these super fun fiction books. It totally makes me want to get all obsessed and buy all her books como when I have OCD downloading music for my dumb iPod. So yeah... if you're looking for an educational yet totally entertaining read maybe Kathy Reichs is your gal. This is the second book of hers I read (the other was Fatal Voyage that Husband bought me for Valentine's Day 2 years ago I think. Aw.) so I feel comfortable with my recommendation.


Sassy said...

I haven't read any of her books yet. My mom loves them. It's on my to read list for the summer.

Coodence said...

Good call, ho.

Lisa..... said...

My kids and I decided to buy a couple books of hers too. And the youngest gave it back to me and said it was innapropriate. There was cursing (like the f word!). Gotta love these kids of mine, but also how weird. I would have totally read the books with the f word!