Movie Review Monday

Yesterday we watched Away We Go starring Maya Rudolph of SNL fame and Jim from The Office. Husband had read it is a good "pregnant movie" but I was just pleased to watch it because of the cast. It's a little bit "emo" as far as the soundtrack goes and the fact that everyone looks like a hipster but aside from that it's a nice little story about a pregnant couple trying to find out what to do with themselves. They're in their 30s and with the only set of grandparents (Catherine O'Hara & Jeff Daniels) relocating to another country, they're looking to relocate to be near someone they know so they can get those roots planted. On their cross country journey, they meet up with her former co-worker (Allison Janney, BFF!) who happens to be quite dysfunctional; her single sister; a dirty hippy, trust fund kid acquaintance of his father (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and a couple that seem to have everything but can't conceive a child of their own. I think their journey is meant to teach us that everyone has a different story and will raise their children differently and it's up to us to choose our own course. Or something like that. Mostly I just related to Maya Rudolph's character because she's 6 months pregnant but everyone keeps telling her she looks like she's 8 or how huge she is. I've learned, being 6 months pregnant myself, that people say some crazy shit to you when you're carrying a bambino around in your belly. I don't know if I recommend this movie per se, but it didn't kill me to watch it. I did weep at some parts, laughed pretty hard at others. So there you have it.


Lisa..... said...

I liked it when I saw it last summer.

Andrea said...

This movie made me cry like a baby. I found it to be soooo very damned sad.