Tummy Thursday

Now that the grandparents know the baby's going to be a boy the shopping has commenced. It's a good thing we made them wait four months otherwise the nursery would be bursting at the seams. This is from Husband's mom. Not sure if you can you tell, but they're from Michigan:

Isn't it funny how when a baby's on its way the guest room automatically gets renamed "THE NURSERY" even though there isn't even a crib in there yet? We also have four other outfits from my folks, 2 pairs of shoes from Auntie Kryst and a bounty of tineh socks. It's crazy to see such wee clothing in my house.
I recently decided that I'm very white and should probably let the sun hit parts of my body not often seen by daylight lest I blind the person delivering my baby, so I went out and got a swimsuit. Maybe I'll hit the pool and do some self-instructed water aerobics that BFF loves so. My first purchase was mildly hilarious:

Yeah... that got returned. It looks like a dress a little? I was told I could make it more formal for evening wear with pearls and heels. I ended up swapping this in for a two-piece, circus tent-like number which, if you can believe it, is actually way more flattering. The sarcasm on that last sentence is pretty heavy. I thought this was a good baby bump shot and clearly have lost all sense of shame. And to add insult to injury, my face has become an oil well so I have a goatee of pimples. Sexy? You betcha.
I also just recently started our Target registry. This is harder than the wedding registry by far because I have no idea what I need. If you want to leave me your "I can't live without" comments, I'd be grateful.

Here's what babycenter.com has to say about 21 weeks:
Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10-1/2 inches long - the length of a carrot. You may soon feel like he's practicing martial arts as his initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to his activity as you get to know him better. In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now.


Coodence said...

Dang! I lost my comment!

Here's two neat things to look at:

(except I registered for a diaper genie!)


we used this book:


and so did Nancy and another friend of mine.

Also, buybuybaby where I registered, has a list you can download, in case Target doesn't give you one.

Nancy gurl said...

Things you don't need:
travel swing
wipe warmer--don't let them think we live in a world where someone is going to wipe their asses with hot towels
Bottle warmer--crap
Bedding set--soon-to-be moms get mad when I throw this one out there. You can't use the bumpers, you cant use the blanket, the sheets stink--GET BAMBOO ORGANIC--soooooo yummy. and the mobile stinks. Buy seprates

Can't live without item--the Graco snot sucker. this $19.99 gem is awesome. It automatically sucks snot out of their noses, gentle and even plays music to distract them. BEST THING EVER

Don't spend tons of time or money buying bottles just yet--he will hate everything you did buy and love something not yet in the house.

Fisher price Paprisian (sp) swing. His second mother for the first 90 days.

Baby Love crib Mobile. It plays mozart, bach, etc. I don't know what it is about this thing but it's BABY CRACK. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it has a remote control.

Nancy gurl said...

Also, as for the blog Cod posted. While I agree with this lady on somethings i.e. garbage pails for poop is a no go at my house. (every mom is different though) I do think Ivory Snow is so freakin fantastic. It's Ethan's smell.

Also, I do not have a changing table but a changing pad on his dresser and it's his favorite place to relax. Let me know if you need me to bore you with anything else.

Also, register for swaddle mes!!!!

Lisa..... said...

You need a thermometer. I am not a fan of the ear one if you don't know how use it right. Every mom needs one. And the snot sucker thing. But learn what a fever is (hint: it's not 99 degrees). And a book about common baby ailments. So when your baby get cradle's cap you don't think it's a weird disease. At least, that helped me when I had a kid.

And some form of diapers. And a stroller.

Once, when I was 17, my baby daddy's mom said you could put your baby to sleep in a dresser drawer if you had to. That was her way of saying, it'll work out. Don't worry.

Okay, I got off track here, but get a thermometer.