So Close To Over

Last night I finished a PowerPoint presentation for today. I hate procrastinating. I do. But I do it all the time. Either way, it got done, just totally last minute. Now today I have to do the actual 7-minute presentation and although I know the material, I feel horribly unprepared. I am sure it will be fine but I hate getting in front of a group of students and a professor and speaking a language that is not my native tongue. I love to read in Spanish, listen in Spanish... I just hate speaking it.
And I have to do it all again on Friday. Only it won't be in front of my class. It will be in front of a panel of professors and a bunch of other graduating seniors and whatever guests they decide to bring. And although it's only 4 minutes and I get the assistance of another PowerPoint to guide me, I still feel horribly unprepared and terrified I am going to poop myself in front of everyone. I'm totally not bringing a guest.
As for my final project, I have a 15-page play written but was told it isn't "long enough." Not sure what happened to quality over quantity but whatever. I doubt it's even "quality." I have to add a couple more scenes so that's another 5-6 pages. That brings us to 20. In addition to that, I have to write a 10-page analysis of my process and what I learned and all that jazz. All due on May 7th. I can honestly say I have never been more tired of looking at a computer monitor.
Then on May 10th is my final exam. And I'm done. Forever. I cannot believe it. I really doubt I will ever speak Spanish again after this even though it is my major. I just can't bear it.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Being a student is not my bag and I'm glad it's over in less than 2 weeks.


ceedee said...

My best advice for presentations? Fake it 'till you make it. Send yourself positivity - that you've got this, you can handle this, you've prepared for this, etc. And just use some acting skills. I am always super nervous before a talk, but it always turns out fine. You're gonna do awesome!

Coodence said...

Crust is right on the money. And practice ahead of time. Even if you just read your slides one time out loud to yourself it will help your presentation by about a million percent.