Numbers Como BFF Does It

  • Bought Year One at the Target because it was on sale for $10. It was worth the laughs and cheaper than it would have been had we gone to the theater to see it. Silly, silly movie.
  • Also bought Weezer's Raditude at the Target because it was on sale for $9.99. You really can't go wrong with a Weezer album can you? I bought the first one with the blue cover way back in the day on an excursion to Tower Records in Los Angeles with the tío just because of the way the cover looked and I never looked back. Plus? A friend of a friend played on the Love is the Answer track. Good on ya, Sim.
  • My birthday is one month from today.
  • My boss returned to work after a 6-work day absence and told me he was proud of me for the work I did while he was gone. He rewarded me with a set of rosary beads from Italy. They're rose scented. Very tacky. WikiAnswers says there are 59 beads on a rosary. I did not know that until now. Bad Catholic.
  • I have a 20-page paper, a 3-page paper and a 20-minute presentation in addition to a final exam and all of this is happening within the next month. I'm officially freaking out.


Coodence said...

Hooray! I love your numbers!

I think I knew that about the rosary. There are also 59 community districts in NYC.

Better get crackin on your school work, ho! Get that 3 pager out of the way!!

Lisa..... said...

Ahhh! that last one stressed me out!