The Girls of Janetwood

I grew up on a street in Oxnard called Janetwood. In my opinion, it was the best place I could have grown up. There were four other girls in the 'hood very close to my age: Crusty, Denise, Danielle and HLP. There was always someone to play with and we all went to school together at one point or another and though we didn't always get along with one another, we were always friends. Birthday parties, throwing the ball around in the street, sleepovers, swimming in Crusty's pool... it was a magical time. And though in high school and after graduation, we all sort of drifted apart and went our separate ways, we ended up right back to being friends again later in life. Thank goodness.
Denise got married. Then me. Then HLP. Then Danielle. And now Crusty is engaged.
Danielle and I are both pregnant right now.
It's mind blowing that we're all grown ups scattered across the United States yet tethered together somehow in another little neighborhood called facebook. I'm still a stone's throw from Janetwood, Crusty's in Philadelphia, Danielle's in San Francisco, Denise is in Portland and HLP is in Arizona. But regardless of the distance, I still feel super close to all of them and am so glad that we're all in touch.
So here's to my old 'hood and the ladies that lived there. Janetwood. Up to no good. Holler.


Coodence said...

Yay! That's so nice, dude. All those girls are just darling, como tu.

ceedee said...

Haha, Janetwood.
Remember when you knocked down the fence?
Or, what about only being able to ride our bikes one block?
Or, that I got the tape of Janet Jackson's Control at Danielle's b-day party. Haha - my first tape!
Barbies, Denise's front window, walks to Carriage Square, Richard & Cathy & Tisha, MTV, KFC, McD's and Oreos for breakfast, sleepovers, North Dakota.
Ohhhhh, the memories!