Finally! Hump Day!

You guys, this week has been killing me softly. No jokes. I mean, it's only Wednesday morning but Monday and yesterday sucked. Know how I know they sucked? Because I miss my boss who is in Italy for a week. My boss who is a real nice guy in real life but at work makes my hair turn gray. Seriously, I found my first gray hair last week. Unbelievable. He calls me nonstop and micromanages the shit out of me even though I'm a hundred times more organized than he is and just all around drives me crazy. And he knows it and I think he might get off on it a little. But I still love him and think he's a swell guy, just a freak of a boss.
I realize now why he is bald and paranoid and cranky. I can't for the life of me fathom how people so retarded (fuck PC today, seriously) manage to keep their jobs. It is mind boggling. I've literally had to tell two of our reps that they are fucking idiots. Like, in those exact words. It kills the soul a little bit to talk to people like that. I have made more follow up calls in the last two days than I have in my entire four-year span working here. Just the stupidest, most expensive mistakes. And they just keep on keepin' on.
I wonder if our customers think we're the inept ones... I've had two of them try to send me on vacation in the last two days. Ha. I guess that break will come when the baby does. The phones are already ringing with complaints and I still have coffee in my cup so I wonder if it'll be another doozy of a day. But I can't complain, I suppose. I have a job right? That's more than some folks can say. It's just too bad this job couldn't be a little less insane. I mean, we sell packaging - it's not brain surgery.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: The ineptitude of others means job security for me.

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Coodence said...

Be nice if you could go on vacay in Italy though.