We haven't quite mastered this weekend away thing yet. We got off to a pretty late start on Saturday morning and ended up taking the longer and more time consuming Highway 1 route instead of taking the quick and easy 101 Freeway a little further north and virtually ending up at the same place. So our trip to Madonna Inn was mostly just a stop to pee and take a picture inside their uniquely tacky restaurant:
Glasses @ The Madonna Inn
We got to the Creekside Inn at around 2:30 pm and decided to rest for a bit. Can I just say this spot was lovely? The bed was a little uncomfy but the breakfast was quite tasty. Can't go wrong with local pastries. On the hillside outside our wee balcony? Cows. Below them? A creek. In the trees? Some loud ass frogs that I got to listen to all night as the cool breeze wafted in through the screen door.
Creekside Inn
By the time we woke up from our post-drive siesta and decided to walk around Cambria, most of the stores on our end of town were closed so we decided to head up to the Cambria Pines Lodge for a somewhat early dinner on the patio. We chose this spot because they allowed our dog to dine with us and it has been around for quite a while.
Cambria Pine Lodge
It's on the top of a hill and must be a great place for weddings because the 2nd one of the day was taking place as we had our delicious dinner. I have to say, being pregnant makes dinner seem much cheaper since I'm not partaking in any beer or wine but this was a very reasonably priced restaurant. The two of us had appetizers, meals and dessert for less than $100 but the spot seemed quite fancy, you know?
The next day we decided to go to Hearst Castle but we were surprised to learn you have to be part of a tour or they won't even let you go up there. Since we had Kiyah with us and the next tour wasn't until noon and we had to get back and get laundry started we ended up just taking this shot and bailing:
Hearst Castle
On the way home we stopped in Morro Bay for lunch and to meander around Morro Rock for a bit since I'd never done that and thought I'd scratch it off my list. Let it be known, climbing said rock is not allowed. And though there are signs saying such ALL OVER THE PLACE there will inevitably be some asshole who thinks he's above the rules climbing the damn rock and getting cussed out by yours truly.
Morro Rock
All in all it was a nice getaway even though we didn't do very much other than drive around aimlessly and hope to stumble upon something nice to see. Like this storefront of rubber duckies:
Rubber Duckies

MORAL OF THAT STORY: A little bit of planning before a weekend getaway goes a long way.


ceedee said...

Haha! So glad you got to see the unbelievable mess that is the Madonna Inn! LOVE IT!!!

Coodence said...

I've heard funny things about the banos at the Madonna Inn. Can you believe in all the years of driving up the 101 I've never stopped there? Good on ya!