Shameful Crush

I guess there is no sense in denying it but I have a crush on Robert Pattinson. I think it's because he reminds me of a young James Dean in some of the still shots I've seen of him. This crush does not stem from the Twilight movie because, frankly, the acting is godawful. However, in this clip, I think I love him more. This sketch makes me compare Jimmy Fallon to a young Mike Myers on the glory days of SNL when Crusty and I used to actually stay up to watch together. Anywho, slow news day in the world of Randi so this is what you get.


ceedee said...

too cute, dude! It kinda reminded me of when Mike Myers had Danny DeVito in his "Simon" in the bathtub skit :)

April said...

I do not find Robert Pattinson attractive. The other guy in that other Vampire movie is HOT! So you can have Robert and I'll take the other guy.