Movie Review Monday

Notes on a Scandal is not a new movie to the world, just to me. When Husband got Netflix I tried to come up with a queue of things that I had heard good things about. That's how I came about seeing that other oldie Half Nelson. I am so glad I rented this one. It's about two teachers at a low income school in England. Dame Judi has been there for ages and is known as a battle axe. Cate Blanchett is a newbie art teacher on a mission to really reach the children. Well reach them she does because she becomes entangled in an inappropriate liaison with a year 10 student (that's a sophomore for all you Americans) who could have easily been mistaken for a young Colin Farrell. Dame Judi catches them in the act and uses that as a sort of blackmail to pursue her own impure thoughts toward Blanchett. Husband said this movie made him want to take a shower and I can only take that to mean he thought it was as good a movie as I did! Because that's what good movies do, right? They make you feel. I have to admit, watching a woman in her late 30s make out with a 15-year old made me feel very uncomfortable but no more so than watching Dame Judi use her diary to turn a friendship into a love affair. I highly recommend this one. You know how I love the British.

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