Motel 6

Last weekend I went to San Diego for BFF's baby shower. I drove down on Friday night and spent the night where Husband lives during the week. We thought we'd see how things went with the two of us sleeping on a queen-size air mattress. Let's just say, things went comically at best. Every time Husband rolled over I shot into the sky and when he got out of bed I rolled into the crevice between the wall and the bed. A pregnant woman should not be doing those sorts of stunts in her sleep so I said Saturday night we'd splurge for a hotel.
We drove around a bit and saw this darling hotel that had a windmill outside of it. I think it was a Holiday Inn or a Best Western so I figured it was in our price range. Um, no. They wanted $150 a night and since we were literally only going to be in that room to sleep I said we'd hit up the Motel 6 down the street offering rooms for $59 a night. Motel 6 used to have a motto that said "We'll leave the light on for you." What it should really be is "You get what you pay for" or perhaps "We don't splurge on much." While we did have cable and got to enjoy a part of the highly recommended Magic & Bird documentary, we didn't have but one wee sliver of soap and absolutely no complimentary shampoo or conditioner.
Upon first glance, the room looked pretty nicely painted and clean. However, the comforter was something to be seen and had it not been perforated with wee holes I may have taken a picture of it. It was some sort of New Mexico vibe with cars and wild game all over it. Stunning. The drapes were also perforated and allowed tiny dots of sunshine into our room. Perhaps that was a theme they were going for? But best of all were the pillows that were basically maxi-pads in pillow cases. For those of you that want to know how to get the Grade A real pillows from the front desk, do like Husband did: tell them you have a pregnant wife back in the room that needs extra pillows to snuggle (which is totally not true). Works like a charm. Nothing like little white lies to get you a tiny touch of comfort that makes up for the fact that you're sleeping on box springs.


Coodence said...

Ha! I didn't find the white lie, though. Unless you're not really pregnant and all of this has been an elaborate hoax??

April said...

Maybe you didn't need extra pillows to snuggle, but it's ok to say what he said. I mean, you gotta be comfortable right?

Lisa..... said...

It's funny how people say you don't need to splurge on a hotel room because it's just a place to sleep. Exactly. And you want to sleep. Not toss and turn or listen to your neighbors 2 am drunken conversation.