Monday Schnippets

  • Finally got around to watching Half Nelson for which Ryan Gosling was nominated for a 2007 Best Actor Acadamy Award. Not sure if you've heard about this one but he plays a drug addicted teacher who develops a special bond with one of his at risk students. I found it to be kind of long and slow but he did a good job playing an addict. Plus, he's pretty good looking.
  • Started feeling pretty icky last night and now I'm home from work with a full blown cold. I used to really like staying home from work but now I find it incredibly boring. I do make it a point to watch The Young & The Restless but this show is pretty bad these days.
  • Checked my grades online and I got a 75% on my midterm. Not great, but not awful either I suppose. Pretty darn average.
  • Got the good news that Husband will be home early Saturday instead of late Saturday so that's nice.
  • Watched the Oscars last night (kind of full circle here after point 1 huh?) and really enjoyed them. I am glad Avatar didn't win anything other than technical awards, not that I've seen it but sometimes it's nice when the gigantor super-hype movie doesn't get the gold. I thought Robert Downey Jr. & Tina Fey were hilarious, loved hearing Doogie sing and couldn't stop smiling each time Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin did their silly banter. Good show.


Coodence said...

Good synopsis of the Oscar's - those parts were the best part!! It comes on really late here so I was too tired by the end, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Feel better sickie!!

Lisa..... said...

I liked Half Nelson, it made up for that stupid Notebook movie. And I kind of feel loke a C in school doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Because I feel like half assing the rest of the quarter. Boo school. And 3 classes is too much. I'm prob. dropping one next quarter.