Monday Movie Review

When I was younger, I collected 80s compilation CDs with the dream that maybe one day I would have my own all-80s radio station. I love the music. I love the decade. The excess, the neon, the absolute cheesiness of it all. It all makes me squeal with delight. And I thought The Wedding Singer was going to be my go-to, repeat-viewing 80s flashback movie until this weekend when we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine.
The title alone could have been poison for this movie (Snakes on a Plane, anyone?) but luckily John Cusack and his beautiful brain was at least partially responsible bringing us this hilarious film. I thought Craig Robinson was funny before this, but I have an even deeper love for him now that I have seen him rock the mic. Rob Corddry? He just looks insane so he was perfect as the asshole friend. There are a few epic cameos by Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover and the bad boy blond from the Karate Kid movies for your viewing pleasure as well.
Let's just say I laughed so hard that I thought it might be bad for the baby. Husband laughed so hard that at one point he was doubled over the railing in the front of the theater. At a few different times, I wondered if the audience was laughing at the film or at him. This isn't the smartest movie I've ever seen but it definitely tried hard to be one of the funniest.

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Coodence said...

Man, I love John Cusack!