Farewell, The Cat

The Cat for President

It's been a long time coming but The Cat's stay with us has come to an end. I sort of knew when I got pregnant that her time was limited with us because cats can too easily climb into cribs, not to mention how their fine hair affects allergies and the like. Then there's that whole thing with the kitty litter and toxoplasmosis and whatnot. When I found out I was pregnant, my allergies were nuts because I stopped taking my Zyrtec. We already have a dog so double the hair wasn't helping anyone. Getting rid of Kiyah was never really an option. Husband has had her for going on 9 years so she's a lifer with us. The Cat, however, we got when we moved in together almost 2 years ago. She was meant to be a companion to the dog since Kiyah was raised always with other pets around.
Since we installed the dog door, however, The Cat has been leaving first thing in the morning, returning at around midnight to eat, and bailing before we woke up. I never saw her aside from the hair she would leave on our pillows and she pretty much quit hanging out with us entirely. I am not a sponsor for starving kitties - this ain't UNICEF. Her absence clearly doesn't provide much companionship for Kiyah so, in other words, she became what some would call pointless. The final straw was when I would try to get her when she was outside and she would hiss at and then run from me. Um, no. So when the neighbor dragged her over and gave her back to us because The Cat was all up in her business, I knew she had to go. And go she did.
So, The Cat, here's to you. I'm not sure you'll be missed but thanks for the few memories you did give us.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Like my mother used to tell me as a teenager, her home was not a hotel and being able to stay there required a lot more than coming home for dinner.


Coodence said...

That's a good story.

And an awesome saying by your mutha. Lord knows, you definitely had to put up Christmas decorations.

Andrea said...

I'm not gonna preach. But you know I'm bossy and opinionated...

My sister has a cat. Had it all during her pregnancy. And two dogs.

She was fine. The baby was fine. The kid continues to be fine. The cat and the dogs all continue to live there with the family all happy and together.

We take on a responsibility when we bring animals into our lives.

I will end this by saying you are very pretty and I look forward to seeing you again. :)

Randi said...

Author's note.
No pounds were involved in this story. I cried for the cat. I'm not heartless.
The End

Sassy said...

If not pounds were involved in this story...was there a lake and a sac involved?!?! Hahahaha

By kitty :(

April said...

If your cat was hissing at you then I understand your concern for not wanting him around the baby. Animals are still animals, as much as I love them, and you cannot control what they do. And as much of a responsibility you take when you bring animals into your home, it's an even bigger responsibility to bring a child into your house. If YOU do not feel that it would be a good situation for your family, then so be it. It's the best decision for you and that's all that matters. Besides, it's not like you just threw the cat out into the streets. If I were in your situation and felt that the cat could possibly be a danger to my unborn child, I would've done the same thing. Not all animals are the same, so while it may work for some families, it may not for others and that's OK.