DVD Review Humpday

Husband and I pride ourselves in being up to date in the movie viewing world and I try to keep up to speed since I know I'm your go-to movie review blog. Or at least I like to trick myself into believing that to keep my ego inflated. However, several months were a bust thanks to morning sickness and the love affair I had with my couch and my quilt; it put a damper on the whole "going out" thing. Thank goodness for Netflix. Since The Hurt Locker won the Oscar we thought we should see it so see it we did.
I wasn't really ready to like this movie as much as I did but it was really well done. The suspense was tangible and I found myself screaming at our TV screen more than once. It's hard not to get emotionally invested in the characters because, let's face it, this shit is real. The Hurt Locker focuses on a small group of explosive detonators and I think that's how it kept from being this full-on commentary on the war in Iraq and was able to be more about the soldier's experience. I was pleasantly surprised to see a cameo by Ralph Fiennes and to see that Jeremy Renner's Oscar nomination was well-deserved. I would totally recommend this movie and I think the sheer simplicity and intensity of it totally made it a great choice for an Oscar winner.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: You can make a good war movie without saturating it with your political views.

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Coodence said...

Nice, dude! It's on my queue. It was either that or Jennifer's Body, so you know which way I went. Ha!