I drive the same 10 to 15 minute drive every morning to work so I always see the regulars on the same commute. There are two that stand out:
1.) A convertible, baby blue New Beetle with a tie-dyed peace sign in the rear window and a vanity plate that says JITTNY or something close to that.
2.) A cream PT Cruiser that lives two houses down from me in my alley.
The reason these two cars stand out is because they are both driven by women who are hell bent on beating everyone else to some imaginary finish line. I'll be the first to admit that I've been known to have a lead foot but while I drive fast, I try not to tailgate and cut people off just to be number 1 to the stoplight. This PT Cruiser is the worst. She has nearly crashed into me while I back out of my space because she's going way too fast down the alley. She also thinks it's her God-given right to make her own lanes to get around the rest of us silly fools in a queue at the light at the end of our block. I hate her.
This morning? I saw her pulled over by a motorcycle cop. And I smiled. And I thought to myself, "You had it coming." And I drove the speed limit all the way to work.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Sometimes, justice truly is served.

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Lisa..... said...

ha ha ha ha. She did deserve it.