The Boob Tube Fury

Stuff on TV that irks me:
  • The lady who looks like she could be Julia Roberts' sister that buys the dress using her Chase rewards points without telling her husband who clearly had other ideas on how he wanted those points spent.
  • Talking babies save for the one little girl that sort of floats into the screen and says, "Milk-a-wha?"
  • Commercials concerning erectile dysfunction. I know they need to reach their target market but the thought of old folks banging in bathtubs on a hillside really kind of turns my stomach.
  • The Crime and Investigation Network's insistence on playing the same three clips over and over as teasers for stupid re-runs of 24, Crossing Jordan, Twin Peaks, Nash Bridges and a show I've never heard of called Philly.
  • The fact that TLC has come out with shows called Hoarding - Buried Alive and Addicted even though A&E already has Hoarders and Intervention. Plus that song for Addicted? Ugh. Kill me now with the what I can only assume is a Celtic Woman thanking me for endless shit whilst screeching!
  • The Wheel of Fortune. 'Nuff said.
  • The woman who does the commercials for the Rosetta Stone Language Programs because she has absolutely no idea what to do with her hands and it makes her look totally ill at ease and uncomfortable. It's like Ricky Bobby doing his first TV interview.
I think that just about does it for now. Deep breath.


hotdrwife said...

You crack me up!!!

Coodence said...

I agree about talking babies! Too bad they got the new babies on eTrade. Those old ones were super funny.

April said...

I absolutely think the funniest commercials on TV are the Etrade commercials with the baby that talks. I especially like the one where he's on the phone with the little girl. Otherwise, talking babies annoy me too.

ceedee said...

I hate the talking babies!