24 More Weeks

  • Since I am about 15-16 weeks the baby is either the size of an apple or an avocado. It's about 4-1/2" long and weighs about 3.5 ounces. It's also got toenails and taste buds.
  • I'm sick for the umpteenth time this pregnancy. It's awesome. For the record? Robitussin, Tylenol and Sudafed, while safe to take during pregnancy, do absolutely nothing. Nothing. Why I even take them is a mystery because all they seem to do is dehydrate me.
  • My morning sickness was gone but apparently being sick makes me just vomit for no reason! Isn't that neat! I love it! I've puked four times in three days.
  • Tomato sauce is just not my friend.
  • I thought shopping for maternity clothes would be sort of fun and easy since pregnant women are generally "big" and they shouldn't have to worry about it right? Yeah no. I hate shopping for clothes. I swear I'm bringing back biblical fashion and just cutting a hole in a sheet, throwing it over my head and tying a rope around my waist.
  • I'm pretty convinced this "baby bump" I've been imagining is just my belly fat and not pregnant. Here's a picture of it and you can tell me what you think:


April said...

I think your baby bump looks like a baby bump and not fat!

Also, I hated tomato sauce when I was pregnant too. Couldn't stand the smell of it. I didn't want spaghetti or pizza or anything that included tomato sauce.

Hang in there. =)

Shora said...

Baby bump!

I lived in pants with the stretchy front panel that expanded with me and pretty tops that cinched just under my impressive pregnancy boobs and flowed over (and camouflaged) my belly. Empire line I think it's called. Try it... you'll look gorgeous!

Coodence said...

My mom and sister couldn't do tomato sauce either, for the whole time! Pizza was no friend of theirs.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and STILL sometimes wonder if I look pregnant or fat, so I totally feel ya!! Hahaha.

I've already gone on record saying that's a baby bump.

Jessica said...

I say baby bump.

I swear, I never felt like I looked pregnant the whole time. You definitely do.

Andrea said...

Dude, that is a total baby bump. Totally.