Did you all know that yesterday was National Pancake Day at the International House of Pancakes? I didn't either. Although how International is said House of Pancakes if it only operates out of the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico? Should it perhaps be called the North American Continental and Outlying Islands House of Pancakes? The NACOIHOP? Things to make you go "Hmmm..." on a hump day.
But back to the point of this story. On Monday night I started craving buttermilk pancakes. When Tuesday rolled around and my co-worker randomly planted her own seed about lunch at IHOP for free pancakes? I was all over that like white on rice! Stink on shit! You know the drill! I don't think I really put two and two together that it was National Pancake Celebration Day, mind you. I just wanted pancakes. And frankly I'm skeptical of all things "free."
And thus we went forth to order said pancakes. And they were eaten. And they were good. And I paid for said pancakes because the good people at IHOP were maybe not informed of the celebration they should have been celebrating and they charged me for the short stack. And I paid the bill. Then I left without thinking twice about it until later when another co-worker got all irate over me getting stiffed. Yet here I am, alive to tell the tale.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I am not on welfare and can afford a short stack of pancakes regardless of their freedom on any given day.


Lisa..... said...

They were free only if you donated to Children's Miracle Network at our IHOP. I was totally happy to donate.
(p.s. I would have complained and I can totally afford a short stack.)

Coodence said...

yummmmmmm pancakes. there were a few weekends there where i ate them every sunday.

blueberry, pineapple, chocolate chip.

yay babe!! (he's the pancake maker)