Troubled Tuesday

I've been doing way too much thinking lately and so it keeps me from being super chipper and/or interesting on the blog. I think about being pregnant and maternity leave and whether or not I want to breastfeed. I think about ways to get my husband a job up here so we can finally live together 8 months of being married later. I think about appointments that need to be kept and about how I should really be going to the gym. Then I remember I've been sick for about 8 days now and I start wondering if I'm ever going to feel 100% normal again. I think about school starting tomorrow and then that makes me think about graduation and the fact that I have student loans that will need to be repaid. I think about how little I like my pets right now and that makes me feel guilty for having them and not walking them and/or loving them enough. I think about saving money and then that reminds me of all the bills and debts I need to pay down. Thinking isn't really working for me right now. Thus, my blog sucks. The end.


Coodence said...

Better than doing a whole lot of Stinking.

Lisa..... said...

Ugh. That's what I feel like to...Except I am thinking about two kids going off to college (which means leaving me behind in OMG 3 years), grades, applications, test scores, braces, management jobs vs teaching, traveling, how I should be at the gym or running but instead I am reading John Locke for class, and 4 more quarters still to go.