One More Movie Review Thursday

There is a story going around about this movie that goes a little something like this. Since the heroine is of African-American descent and Walt Disney was notoriously known as a racist, he shelved the film saying it would only be made if a black man was president. Chew on that for a moment.
All that gossip aside, I will say that I loved The Princess and the Frog with all my tiny little heart. Give me a story about a little girl wanting to do right by her daddy and I will weep. Give me good music and a little romance and I will weep. Did I mention being pregnant makes me cry over everything? Like yesterday I was getting ready for work and listening to Cindy Lauper's True Colors as sung by the cast of Glee and I wept? Jesus help me.
I think it's a pretty HUGE deal that wee black girls all over the world finally have their very own Disney princess to idolize but I'll state for the record that you don't have to be a girl of color to love Tiana. She is a strong woman with lofty goals that don't realistically involve wishing on stars or being rescued by a night in shining armor. No ma'am. She's all about a lot of hard work and a little bit of elbow grease.
Prince Naveen (a.k.a. The Frog) is also about the suavest amphibian in town. Loved him. Loved all the characters. Loved the music. Loved the New Orleans back drop. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Two thumbs way up. And the best part? Even Husband loved it too. We both laughed out loud and probably would have clapped along to the music like the three year old in front of us had we not been totally aware of how adult we are. Pfft. Yeah right. We totally clapped.

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