New To Me

This morning I am at my desk, typing away in some super comfortable maternity jeans and sipping not-so-awful decaf coffee. At 4 o'clock I have a doctor's appointment to hear the fetus's heartbeat for the first time. Since December I have been nothing but hormones and nerves. My health has been substandard but at least now I can breathe out of my nose even if I do get winded trying on clothes at Motherhood Maternity. I miss the person I used to be and look forward to a return to normalcy soon. Everything sets me off into crazy defensive mode or makes me cry. My patience is as non-existent as my libido. I find myself able to sleep 12 hours at a time and I'm not crazy about that at all. Food doesn't taste the same; nothing is particularly delicious. I have these red bumps all over my chest that look like pimples but they don't really pop. I have a cluster of at least a half a dozen cold sores in the crook of my chin below my lip. I have some kind of weird rash/itchiness on my legs that only seems to rear its ugly head when I get under the covers to go to bed at night. Needless to say, pregnancy has not been kind to me. The morning sickness seems to abate when I don't take the stupid vitamin when I wake up so that's nice. I think I've lost a couple pounds from not drinking beer and if I gained any weight it seems to have balanced off so I don't notice a significant change in my body. Yesterday I wore my regular, pre-pregnancy jeans with a rubber band keeping them up. That was mildly hilarious.
So yeah. That's my pregnant update. More for me than you but maybe you care about these things.


212degreedesigns said...

I had many of the same side effects of pregnancy to the point that i scratched myself bloody and cried at the thought of ever having to do it again. FINALLY i found a doctor that knew what PUPPS was. I refused the steroids, but at least I knew I wasn't crazy.

Heat makes the itching worse. Take ice packs to bed.

I'm sorry this hasn't been easier, but I am still over the moon happy for you!!

Lisa..... said...

"...and look forward to a return to normalcy soon. "

Should I say it? Nah.

Coodence said...

True dat, yo. True dat.