New Moon

Books one and two are down. I've got book three sitting in the box from Amazon. It was only $5! Hey!
So, New Moon. I can see how this Team Edward/Team Jacob thing is going on. Edward is like the untouchable hottie that you don't feel you are worthy of and Jacob is the BFF whose feelings you can't quite reciprocate even though he would be totally top notch in the boyfriend department. My question is why in the world do these two fly guys have a thing for Bella? Oh, Stephenie Meyer. I didn't want to get all up on you because you're just writing what every young girl wants to read about but could Bella be less of a role model for young women? She is so whiny and damsel in distress-y. Ugh. I can hardly stand her. Sort of how I feel about the actress who portrays her in the movies I haven't seen. Oh, Kristen Stewart, you are just awful.
But again, good story. Sort of remedial writing. But I'm hooked and I'm sure I'll finish the series.
As for the blog, I promise it isn't going to become strictly book and movie reviews. That's just all I've been up to of late. Home sick with the flu yesterday. Kinda just all around not feeling great thanks to the wee kidney bean in my uterus. School starts next Wednesday (last semester yay!) so I'm sure I'll have more to chat about then.

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Coodence said...

I thought I already commented on this.

One of the things I like about Bella is she is just a regular girl. She likes to cook and read. I like cooking and reading.