Book Review Tuesday

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7 AM on Tuesday December 23rd. We were up at 3, left by 4, arrived at the airport by 5. Parking was a breeze. Husband showed his military ID at the counter and we were told we didn't have to pay for our luggage. It was all gravy. That was, until the lady behind the counter told us our flight had been canceled due to weather in Chicago. Awesome.
So we were basically trapped at LAX until we boarded our backup flight at 1:30 PM. In the meantime, we got to watch celebrities pass us by like: Rihanna, Shirley Maclaine, Beth Littleford, Tonya Lee Williams (a.k.a. Olivia on The Young & The Restless) and Selena Gomez. How about that?
I also got to start the first of my vacation books which I would later finish on the plane. I borrowed Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson from my Gran. I can't say I was expecting very much but it ended up being quite the page turner. It's a mystery about these guys from British Intelligence who are playing a fantasy game called The Four Horsemen. This one dude takes it too far and starts living out his fantasy of being a serial killer. The story is pretty much about the detective trying to solve the case and how it affects him and his home life. If you've seen Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, the same guy wrote both stories so you kind of have a feel for what this book was like.
I left this one on the plane as I don't need it in my library but it was a good way to kill a few hours.

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