Heartbeat Haiku Friday

Doppler stethoscope
Still too soon to hear a sound
Quiet "Next Friday"
Went from "Yes, we will"
To "Might not really happen"
In one minute flat
Still not a bad sign
But not the sign I wanted
Ultrasound Monday


New To Me

This morning I am at my desk, typing away in some super comfortable maternity jeans and sipping not-so-awful decaf coffee. At 4 o'clock I have a doctor's appointment to hear the fetus's heartbeat for the first time. Since December I have been nothing but hormones and nerves. My health has been substandard but at least now I can breathe out of my nose even if I do get winded trying on clothes at Motherhood Maternity. I miss the person I used to be and look forward to a return to normalcy soon. Everything sets me off into crazy defensive mode or makes me cry. My patience is as non-existent as my libido. I find myself able to sleep 12 hours at a time and I'm not crazy about that at all. Food doesn't taste the same; nothing is particularly delicious. I have these red bumps all over my chest that look like pimples but they don't really pop. I have a cluster of at least a half a dozen cold sores in the crook of my chin below my lip. I have some kind of weird rash/itchiness on my legs that only seems to rear its ugly head when I get under the covers to go to bed at night. Needless to say, pregnancy has not been kind to me. The morning sickness seems to abate when I don't take the stupid vitamin when I wake up so that's nice. I think I've lost a couple pounds from not drinking beer and if I gained any weight it seems to have balanced off so I don't notice a significant change in my body. Yesterday I wore my regular, pre-pregnancy jeans with a rubber band keeping them up. That was mildly hilarious.
So yeah. That's my pregnant update. More for me than you but maybe you care about these things.


Stolen from BFF

Things I like:
  1. Blue Skies
  2. How my wedding set sparkles
  3. Sleeping
  4. My programs on TV: Bones, 30 Rock, The Office, etc.
  5. Having money
  6. Having a job
  7. Living near the beach
  8. My Chucks
  9. Long walks with Husband
  10. Delicious Food
Things I dislike:
  1. Morning Sickness
  2. The cluster of cold sores on my face
  3. Having a rash and weird red bumps all over me right now
  4. Having to be at work
  5. Thinking of what to have for lunch
  6. Ill-fitting clothing
  7. Chapped lips
  8. Stuffed nose
  9. Living so far from my best girlfriends
  10. Not living with Husband full time
MORAL OF THAT STORY: I've got nothin'.



Husband informed me of this gem: the original Battleship game cover.
Note anything... unusual?

And while we're on the topic of old school, here is a recipe for my mom's broccoli casserole. I made this last Friday in an attempt to be a happy homemaker:
  • 1 package of chopped broccoli (frozen worked), this will have to be slightly cooked and drained. I microwaved it. Easy peasy.
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
  • 1 egg slightly beaten
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • 1 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 a package of boxed stuffing (I used Stovetop Savory Herb but bread crumbs might work.)
  • 1/4 cup of melted butter
Combine first 6 ingredients in a 1 quart casserole dish.
Sprinkle the stuffing over the top and then coat that in your melted butter.
Bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes and voila! - a delicious though questionably nutritious side dish.


Cabin Fever Haiku Friday

Rain, rain - just go away
Seriously. You've overstayed
Your welcome. Buh-Bye.
It's cabin fever
For Kiyah and for The Cat
They're now abnormal
Maybe for me too
I do miss my morning walks
And sane animals


Troubled Tuesday

I've been doing way too much thinking lately and so it keeps me from being super chipper and/or interesting on the blog. I think about being pregnant and maternity leave and whether or not I want to breastfeed. I think about ways to get my husband a job up here so we can finally live together 8 months of being married later. I think about appointments that need to be kept and about how I should really be going to the gym. Then I remember I've been sick for about 8 days now and I start wondering if I'm ever going to feel 100% normal again. I think about school starting tomorrow and then that makes me think about graduation and the fact that I have student loans that will need to be repaid. I think about how little I like my pets right now and that makes me feel guilty for having them and not walking them and/or loving them enough. I think about saving money and then that reminds me of all the bills and debts I need to pay down. Thinking isn't really working for me right now. Thus, my blog sucks. The end.


Mid-January Haiku Friday

Halfway through the month
And I'm glad it's almost done
Jan's been a doozy
Jet lag from travel
Taking Christmas down at home
Back to work and life
Got the flu, round 2
Seem to be on the tail end
Aching for normal


Blogger Challenge

I just donated $20 to help the people in Haiti.
I challenge you to match my donation.



I'm playing a game right now where I'm trying to distinguish being "sick" from being pregnant. Over the holidays, I got a pretty incredible stomach flu. Lots of folks thought it was just morning sickness but then Husband got it so we ruled that out. Then, last weekend I had my first experience with morning sickness. It wasn't too bad. Just threw up a bit and went on about my business. Sunday night, though, I felt like I was getting a flu. I was achy and tired and uncomfortable. So I stayed home from work on Monday. When I went back yesterday I was still not feeling well. Lots of coughing and just all around ickiness but I sucked it up and saw the day through. And I went back today even though I was still not feeling so hot this morning. When I got to work, I booted. And it was WAY more serious than over the weekend. So I called the doctors (primary physician and the OBGYN) and I was told there was nothing they could do for me. So I left, stocked up on Robitussin, Sudafed and cough drops at the local Walgreen's and came home to rest. And promptly booted again. Now it's chicken noodle soup, saltines and pajamas. Ah, to be susceptible to every freakin' virus that comes down the track.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I bet you wish I stuck to book and movie reviews.


New Moon

Books one and two are down. I've got book three sitting in the box from Amazon. It was only $5! Hey!
So, New Moon. I can see how this Team Edward/Team Jacob thing is going on. Edward is like the untouchable hottie that you don't feel you are worthy of and Jacob is the BFF whose feelings you can't quite reciprocate even though he would be totally top notch in the boyfriend department. My question is why in the world do these two fly guys have a thing for Bella? Oh, Stephenie Meyer. I didn't want to get all up on you because you're just writing what every young girl wants to read about but could Bella be less of a role model for young women? She is so whiny and damsel in distress-y. Ugh. I can hardly stand her. Sort of how I feel about the actress who portrays her in the movies I haven't seen. Oh, Kristen Stewart, you are just awful.
But again, good story. Sort of remedial writing. But I'm hooked and I'm sure I'll finish the series.
As for the blog, I promise it isn't going to become strictly book and movie reviews. That's just all I've been up to of late. Home sick with the flu yesterday. Kinda just all around not feeling great thanks to the wee kidney bean in my uterus. School starts next Wednesday (last semester yay!) so I'm sure I'll have more to chat about then.


Book Review Monday

Did you guys know that BFF is Indian-Indian? That's not entirely PC but her father is from India and her mother is Native American. Being a honky, I have a lot to learn about both cultures and I will be the first to admit it. Mostly though? I love BFF and her brown skin.
On to the book review! I read Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian that BFF gave me for Christmas on the last legs of our Michigan trip and finished it up in the Detroit airport. And I wept. If you recall the Princess & The Frog review... I weep a lot. But I loved this book so they were tears of joy and smittenness. I gobbled it up. Yum Yum Yum.
The book is about a poor Native American boy named Arnold Spirit (a.k.a. Junior) who lives on a reservation and has lofty goals to go farther in life than the reservation would allow. This book is about how he leaves "the rez" to attend a pretty much all-white high school in the hopes of attaining a better education. Naturally, his rez friends feel like he's a traitor and he has a hard time finding his niche with the richer white kids. Also, Junior loves to draw so his diary is littered with these fun little cartoons to illustrate what he's going through. Like Twilight, this book totally brought me back to high school and how dramatic everything was when we were teens. I really recommend this book and quite frankly think it should be required reading for the younguns that may not know enough about people of a different culture and/or skin color. Easy reading with a message. Gotta love it.


Book Review Haiku Friday

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I tried to resist

But got Twilight for Christmas
So had to read them
Tapped into tween me
How serious "first loves" were
So I get it now
No "Best Book" awards
But Meyer can spin a yarn
Read it in two days


One More Movie Review Thursday

There is a story going around about this movie that goes a little something like this. Since the heroine is of African-American descent and Walt Disney was notoriously known as a racist, he shelved the film saying it would only be made if a black man was president. Chew on that for a moment.
All that gossip aside, I will say that I loved The Princess and the Frog with all my tiny little heart. Give me a story about a little girl wanting to do right by her daddy and I will weep. Give me good music and a little romance and I will weep. Did I mention being pregnant makes me cry over everything? Like yesterday I was getting ready for work and listening to Cindy Lauper's True Colors as sung by the cast of Glee and I wept? Jesus help me.
I think it's a pretty HUGE deal that wee black girls all over the world finally have their very own Disney princess to idolize but I'll state for the record that you don't have to be a girl of color to love Tiana. She is a strong woman with lofty goals that don't realistically involve wishing on stars or being rescued by a night in shining armor. No ma'am. She's all about a lot of hard work and a little bit of elbow grease.
Prince Naveen (a.k.a. The Frog) is also about the suavest amphibian in town. Loved him. Loved all the characters. Loved the music. Loved the New Orleans back drop. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Two thumbs way up. And the best part? Even Husband loved it too. We both laughed out loud and probably would have clapped along to the music like the three year old in front of us had we not been totally aware of how adult we are. Pfft. Yeah right. We totally clapped.


Humpday Movie Review

In case it's not blatantly obvious, I didn't do much in Michigan. Mostly I read and watched movies and visited with Husband's family. Also? I'm really tired and am lacking motivation for blog posts. Did you know that pregnant women are really zombie hosts for their vampire fetuses? You read it here first, people.
So! Sherlock Holmes! Oh, Robert Downey, Jr. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I won't really but I can't think of a better actor as of right now. He so seamlessly adapts to any role and he's so natural at it right? And he's not too hard on the eyes so ... yeah.
I've been anxiously awaiting this movie because I'm a fan of Guy Ritchie movies. Well most of them anyway. This one proved to be one of the good ones. I don't know that I recall seeing Jude Law act prior to this one but he and RD Jr. really do have magnificent chemistry. I guess there are homo-erotic undertones to their Watson/Holmes relationship but I didn't really notice that. Mostly I just noticed how dope the recreated London scenery was and how good the actors were and how interesting the mystery turned out to be.
The dialogue is muy rapido and plot development moved quite quickly. RD Jr. is in epic physical condition and made for some very believable fight scenes. I especially liked his analysis prior to his actions and seeing them unfold ten times faster than his original thoughts. Definitely make this a movie to see.


Book Review Tuesday

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7 AM on Tuesday December 23rd. We were up at 3, left by 4, arrived at the airport by 5. Parking was a breeze. Husband showed his military ID at the counter and we were told we didn't have to pay for our luggage. It was all gravy. That was, until the lady behind the counter told us our flight had been canceled due to weather in Chicago. Awesome.
So we were basically trapped at LAX until we boarded our backup flight at 1:30 PM. In the meantime, we got to watch celebrities pass us by like: Rihanna, Shirley Maclaine, Beth Littleford, Tonya Lee Williams (a.k.a. Olivia on The Young & The Restless) and Selena Gomez. How about that?
I also got to start the first of my vacation books which I would later finish on the plane. I borrowed Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson from my Gran. I can't say I was expecting very much but it ended up being quite the page turner. It's a mystery about these guys from British Intelligence who are playing a fantasy game called The Four Horsemen. This one dude takes it too far and starts living out his fantasy of being a serial killer. The story is pretty much about the detective trying to solve the case and how it affects him and his home life. If you've seen Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, the same guy wrote both stories so you kind of have a feel for what this book was like.
I left this one on the plane as I don't need it in my library but it was a good way to kill a few hours.


Movie Review Monday

On the very first Christmas Day away from my family in the history of Christmases I've celebrated, the in-laws, Husband and I went to see It's Complicated. I knew I'd like this movie and it would have some laughs (especially because of the presence of both Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin) but I had no idea just how hard it would crack me up. Not just me, but a theater that I think had to be at capacity.
My TV boyfriend John Krasinski (a.k.a. Jim from The Office) is also in this movie and he is super funny and cute and plays a really good straight man. But really? It's all about Alec Baldwin. That man has the ability to say anything in the world and make it sound hilarious.
Meryl Streep is also very good in this movie but I am on the fence about her. There. I said it. But her character does have a gorgeous dream house in Santa Barbara that made me homesick for the coast of Oxnard while I was sitting in 30 degree weather in Michigan.