Ok, college graduates, I need your help. I have no idea how to think of a final thesis/Capstone project on my own so I come to you.

Here's what I need to do:

Using the topics social change in Spain/civilizations & cultures of Spain I have to either:
*write an essay
*do an investigative project
*some sort of original "work of art or literature"
*service learning

Going to Spain isn't an option and I need to turn in my proposal by Tuesday...
Any thoughts?

MORAL OF THAT STORY: When in doubt, ask the internet.


ceedee said...

what's the connection between 9/11 and the Madrid train bombings?

Coodence said...

Good one, Crust!

Or, if there is a spanish museum in LA, go check it out. Pick a couple of works of art you really like. Do some research on the artist, read some essays on art interpretation/critiques, interview some people you meet at the museum about how the paintings make you feel, write a paper on that.

Or, do some research on some historical or present day event and make a diorama.

Then, I can put the diorama in my house on a shelf I have that I would like to use to display a diorama.

Anonymous said...

1. Literary Parallels between Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to contemporary characters like Batman and Robin, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Michael Scott and Jim Halpert... Etc.

2. An examination of culinary differences/similarites between the three main regions (Mediterranean, Inner, and Atlantic Spain).

3. The Siesta... What up with that?

4. Spains religious journey through history and why it settled on Catholicism.

5. Why does Randi make Buzz's sangri so caliente? Tan Infuego-ish? !Dos infuegos por ambos ojos como el mirar en su esposa en el manana!


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