After a very trying three days I am happy to report I am not feeling homicidal as of right now. My finals are behind me and it seems the chaos at work has subsided for now. I'm going to throw out a Thankful Thursday just because I feel like breaking away from the negativity and taking a deep, cleansing breath to move forward.
  • 5 solid weeks with no school.
  • Starting Friday, Husband and I will be together every day for 3 whole weeks and a few days. This will be the longest we've been physically together ever.
  • Christmas cards have been mailed.
  • Christmas gifts have been purchased.
  • Christmas lights have been hung.
  • Christmas tree is up and adorable.
  • Christmas decorations are out.
  • 2 weeks from yesterday I will be in Michigan for my first white Christmas.
  • I have 2 parties to attend this weekend.
  • A few girls I know are pregnant and that makes me smile.
  • I get to make pizzelle with my Gran and my mom tonight.


Coodence said...

Good list!

Nancy gurl said...

What is a pizzelle?

Randi said...

They're delicious Italian waffle cookies we only make at Xmas time.

Not Fainthearted said...

yay Pizzelles!

And why is it that we only make this delicious-ness once a year?

It's a puzzlement!

ceedee said...

mmmmm...send some to me!