Thankful Tuesday

I am thankful:
  • that my husband has the week off to spend at home with me
  • that we celebrated our 6-month mark as a married couple
  • that we are getting a new washer and dryer today
  • that we get to do fun things like go to Kings games in the VIP section
  • that I get a bonus this week from work
  • that there are only two days of classes and two finals left in the semester
  • that I graduate in six months
  • that my grandparents are still alive to celebrate another Thanksgiving
  • that they didn't find new polyps in my bladder at my last checkup
  • that I'm off of Prozac and birth control
  • that I'm losing weight slowly but Shirley (hehe)
  • that this is only a three-day work week


Coodence said...


I'm thankful that my pecan pies turned out delicious.

And that I'm going to DC tomorrow for a long weekend.

And that Babe didn't catch swine flu.

Not Fainthearted said...

Looks like a great list to me. Hope turkey day was another thing to be grateful for, too!