Thankful Thursday

Thankful I:
  • have a boss that's in China for 10 days
  • went to Target and got the CD pictured above
  • have had my husband home for two days mid-week
  • have less than a month left of this semester
  • didn't have class last night
  • can fit in a pair of jeans that was just a bit too snug a while ago
  • lost 2 pounds since 10/26
  • get to have my nephew for a sleepover on Saturday
  • got a B on my test!


Coodence said...


I'm thankful for the delicious free lunch I got today at work.

And the dried mangoes I have in my desk.

Sassy said...

Woo Hooo!!

April said...

YAY for bosses being gone! Mine is in Arizona for the rest of the week!! BEST.WEEK.AT.WORK.EVER!!

And YAY to you for losing weight and being happy.

And I really hope your ears don't spontaneously combust while listening to your new cd. Just sayin'. =)